Thursday, September 4, 2014

[Food] I ♥ Asian Food!

This post will be dedicated to asian food! Yes, you heard right. I'm dedicating it to food. Because what's better than groceries? Nothing.
So, in the last few weeks I went to different asian stores. I'm eating asian dishes all the time, not just because I'm studying east-asian studies and have asian friends, but also because it is my favorite food in the whole world. I could eat it all day, every day for the rest of my life and I would be happy and I still wouldn't miss a thing.
But here's to the food I've eaten:

This is a cold noudle soup with kimchi. Topped with stripes of cucumber and half an egg. And in every traditional way, it has some little dishes on the side. I forgot how it was called, but it was delicious. As you can see, a korean dish, because korean is awesome. They eat COLD noodles in summer to refresh themselve, even if the spicy kimchi isn't refreshing. Because korean like to eat spicy food. I ate it at a little restaurant in Heidelberg, called Soban.

And now to a japanese dish:

This is Ramen. Name of the dish was 'Frühlingserwachen' and I ate it at Mosch Mosch in Heidelberg, where I'm currently living. It contained carrots, fried tofu, soya beans, wakame, spring onions and enoki. It was so delicious. I loved every piece of it, especially the tofu. I like good made tofu. It wasn't spicy at all, but that's normal for japanese dishes. Japanese people don't eat spicy food, because they just can't. They have wasabi, but they mix it with soya sauce to make it less spicy. ;)

This is it from me today.

Chichi. <3

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